Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner.
Addiction, Stress and Dementia Specialist.

An established practice at the magnificent Protea Ranch retreat centre, near Gerardsville, Centurion West

Yvonne has a unique combination of skills comprising Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching, Biopsychology and Neuroscience Coaching, and is thus well-placed to expedite your journey to a balanced mind-body state of wellbeing.

With her help you can resolve inner conflict, unlock your full potential, deal with depression, stress, anxiety and exam- and other phobias. She can help you relax, sleep better, maximise your memory and concentration, resolve weight issues, overcome eating disorders, deal with trauma and bereavement, quit smoking and improve relationships. Yvonne works a lot with children and young adults in conflict.

Addictions: Because complex addictions like drugs, alcohol, pornography, obsessive use of social media, gambling and the more common addictions like cigarettes, food and sugar cannot be addressed naively, Yvonne offers a multidisciplinary addiction relief framework which is based on the latest proven neurobiological and behavioural neuroscience research.

Without realising it, you, like most of us, carry emotional baggage from your past. This creates an inner dialogue which is largely subconscious and often destructive. Today, Psychoneuroimmunology [PNI] acknowledges that your mental state affects your immune system and your overall health.

The amazing power of Neuroplasticity is the innate potential of your brain to change and reorganise itself. Your brain does not judge. It just does what it is meant to do — ADAPT — in response to the environment, internal and/or external to your brain. If the negative environment prevails for too long, it upsets your precious balance of health, and your brain and body change for the worse. But when you shed negativity, amazing things can happen — your brain reorganises itself, restores balance and sets in motion healing and wellbeing.

Neuro-linguistic-programming [NLP], hypnosis and elements of coaching create awareness of your self-sabotaging inner dialogue which, when altered, eradicates emotional toxicity allowing you to thrive again. NLP encourages personal growth and excellence. Hypnosis digs deeper into the subconscious mind and coaching helps create well-formed outcomes. Combined, they set the wheels in motion for profound positive change.

Yvonne generously shares her knowledge of Biological Psychology (which is the study of the link between the mind and the brain, neuroscience and neuropsychology) to help you understand and appreciate just how complex you are as a human being and to then help you harness that power of your mind to bring about the positive changes you seek.

Whilst scientific research is advancing in leaps and bounds, finding implicated proteins, mutated genes and other causes of degenerative brain diseases like dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, no cure has yet been found. Some pharmacological treatments can slow down the degeneration and others others can bring temporary relief. Astonishingly, it is scientifically well-documented that hypnosis leads the way in bringing relief by reducing the stress associated with these frightening disorders, thereby improving the person's outlook on life.

As a mother of two grown-up sons she fully understands the complexities of young people in a demanding world and offers empathetic help to parents and the young alike.

What to expect…


First adult session : 2 hours @ R950.

Follow-up adult sessions : 1½ hours @ R850.

First child (5 through 13) session: 2 hour @ R950.

Follow-up child (5 through 13) session: 1 hour @ R650.

Stop Smoking : Package of 3 sessions for R2,100.

Number of Sessions:

Most issues are resolved in 3 — 6 sessions.

Talk to Yvonne about Drug and Alcohol Addiction programmes as special conditions apply.

Prices and Conditions of the various Programmes:

These services are not covered by Medical Aid.

In the interest of all-round fairness, cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are charged in full.

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